House of Soca Ready

Sat, June 2, 2012 - 3:03 pm

by Yvette Best

The House of Soca Calypso tent held a black tie launch last night at the Courtyard Marriott befitting the monarchs who call it home.

These include reigning Calypso Monarch David Popsicle Hall and Samantha Sammy G Greaves, the 13 to 18 Junior Calypso Monarch. Both Popsicle and Sammy G plan to defend their titles and are hoping to do the double.
Popsicle will be competing in all three competitions and is hoping to claim the Party Monarch title, which has eluded him on two occasions, and the Sweet Soca title as well.
Musical Director and manager Ian Sealy said this year’s package is better than the winning one in 2011.
The cast is made of 21 singers, including Errol Malik Gooding who is back “home” and will be competing in the Party Monarch competition, with a song titled Party. Malik has been off the scene in recent years because of health issues relating to an accident.
Andre Dre Inniss, Dine Franswaa Francois, Reco Mole Cumberbatch, Ian G.Q. Munro and Aziza Lil Az Clarke have joined the House of Soca family this year.
The full line-up is as follows: Andre Dre Inniss, Aziza Lil Az Clarke, Burnett Jafar Hinds, Chad Sir Ruel Bowen, Danile Jimmy Dan Bowen, David Popsicle Hall, Dine Franswaa Francois, Errol Malik Gooding, Hanif Hanif Charles, Ian G.Q. Munro, Jamal Sharky Beckles, Marsha Delight Whittaker, Natasha Kya Williams, Omar Gorg Sobers, Patricia, Callender Girl Callender, Patrick Speedmaster Sealy, Reco Mole Cumberbatch, Samantha Sammy G Greaves, Shekeka Lady Essence Clarke, Shekira Shaki-K Boxhill and Steve Capone Barnett.

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